The Band With Rocks In

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A power trio with Powers, baby! *** This outfit gonna soothe your Soul!

Ankh-Morpork's latest Sensation ! - The Band With Rocks In !!!

Vocals, harps and eclectric whatzit : Llamedos's greatest stringbender, Buddy!!!
Horn, arrangements : Groovin' Glod Glodsson!!!
Rocks : The Troll Who Put The Rocks In!!! Lias Bluestone!!!

  • Coming Soon To The Coolest Venue In Your Town!!! *** Be There or Be a Rectangular Thyng

TICKETS : *$2, *$3, *$5 ----- (No rain checks or refunds under any circumstances. no guarantee of performance, enjoyment, survival, or any good or service implicit or implied, ever, regardless. Dibbler Entertainment Ltd. will not be responsible, whatever.)

For Booking Information: message Dibbler Entertainment, Ankh-Morpork. Management: CMOT Dibbler. Roadie: Asphalt.

The Band

When Buddy, Glod and Lias all happened to be in the office of the Musicians' Guild together by chance during the events of Soul Music, an unwitting pawn of fate asked, "You lot together?" The rest, as they say, is history.

A Llamedosian harpist, a Dwarven horn player and a troll who bashed rocks together became a group, "accidentally" discovered an ancient instrument that boded, became infected with The Music, played a few gigs and unleashed on the Disc a combination of Beatlemania and primordial noise that lived.

The Band With Rocks In burnt brightly but died all too soon. Buddy couldn't contain the power, nor did he want to fight it. A mortal human (for all that he may have been slighly elvish [=Elvis?]) couldn't hope to, nor could Susan Sto-Helit's nascent powers avert the coming catastrophe.

It was a good job that CMOT Dibbler's plan to trap the music within boxes didn't work. The world may have ended sooner than it wanted to...

Narrativium asserted itself, and - perhaps with the help of the History Monks - quietly wrote the existence of the craze for Music With Rocks In that swept Ankh-Morpork and the Sto Plains out of history. There are some echoes - Lord Vetinari knows something happened, just like he has an inkling or two about the Moving Pictures fiasco that happened within a year or two. But for the most part, Rock n' Roll (as it's known on Roundworld) has gone from the Disc, lingering only in obscure references to commodities like Sto Helit lace. Music is known only through its more traditional sources: classical, opera, ditty, lullaby and so on. Popular Music with its overtones of everything from Blues to Motown to Punk to Rock is gone. But it's probably not gone forever...