The History of Hats

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The library at Unseen University prides itself on being able to unite a seeker after knowledge with the book ideally suited for them at their present time of inquiry. The Librarian does it the old-fashioned intuitive way, based on thought, reflection, awareness of a situation, and the fact he has one of the best brains at the university, which is uncluttered by all that un-necessary human frontal cortex stuff that only gets in the way of a simian appreciation of truth. The Prehumous Professor of Morbid Bibliomancy does it by strapping Moist von Lipwig into a fixed seat, subjecting him to serious thlabber, and eventually turning up The History of Hats, by F.G. Smallflinger. As hats increasingly define Moist's role in the state of things (first as Postmaster then as Master of the Mint) it could well be said that the Library has triumphed again, and a book on hats and their associated headology is exactly what Moist needs to read now...