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[[Image:|thumb|center|240px|Tomjon, as drawn by Matt Smith


Name Tomjon
Race Human
Age About 20
Occupation Actor in The Dysk, prince of Lancre
Physical appearance
Residence presumably Ankh-Morpork
Parents Same father as Verence II, his mother was the wife of Verence I, although the people of Lancre think his father is Verence I.
Relatives Former Queen of Lancre (Mother)
Former Fool of Lancre Castle (Father)
Verence II (Older Half-brother)
Queen Magrat (sister-in-law)
Princess Esmerelda Margaret (Niece)
Marital Status
Books Wyrd Sisters

Birth name never mentioned. The rightful heir to the throne of Lancre, raised as an actor in the travelling troupe of Olwyn Vitoller. In the end he preferred acting to being a king. He remembers all the words of all the plays of the dwarven master playwright Hwel, thanks to the interference of the witches, and can bring tears to the eyes of the toughest audience - including bandits that waylaid them, dwarves mid-riot and even the folk of Lancre and the Sto Plains. He can become anybody before your eyes - from Death himself to an old, old man to a simpering wench. In short: the most talented artiste the Disc has ever seen. Now graces the stage at The Dysk.

His parentage is rather questionable, with his half-brother Verence II clearly having the same father; it is disputed whether their father was Verence I of Lancre, or Verence II's father, who was a famous Fool from the Guild of Fools and Joculators. The witches, who were presumably there, are certain it was indeed the fool who fathered them both.


  • When Witches, Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg, and Magrat Garlick arranged for the toddler Tomjon to leave Lancre for his own safety, they each gave him a blessing, as was the tradition:
    • (Magrat Garlick): "He will make friends easily". (Something she-herself never been able to get the hang of.)
    • (Nanny Ogg): "A bloody good memory is what he ought to have. He'll always remember the words".
    • (Granny Weatherwax): "Let him be whoever he thinks he is. That's all anybody could hope for in this world".
  • Tomjon was originally delivered by midwife, Nanny Ogg, who the late queen confided in the true identity of the father of the baby.