Truckle the Uncivil

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A barbarian hero and a member of the Silver Horde.

Ronald Saveloy attempted to reform his language, but only succeeded in changing the outer shape of the vocabulary he used. It still sounded obscene regardless of choice of word from the list. Truckle can turn the air blue just by saying "socks", and "lovemaking", on his lips, will always sound like something with less syllables that still has a Mr. Tulip-like "-ing" on the end. Naturally, during the Horde's invasion of Dunmanifestin, he disguised himself as the Muse of Swearing.

Apparently, he once bit a bear's head off.

He went with Cohen and the others to Dunmanifestin, home of the Gods to return fire to them in the shape of a bloody big bomb. Presumed dead when they created a sizeable crater following a glory-charge to right their misdeeds. Although, seeing as they hijacked some horses off a bunch of Valkyries and escaped into the air, are they alive, dead or in-between? No-one knows, but Mad Hamish swears he'll kill anyone as tells him he's dead...


The word Truculent in English means:

  • Disposed to fight; pugnacious.
  • Expressing bitter opposition; scathing: a truculent speech against the new government.
  • Disposed to or exhibiting violence or destructiveness; fierce.

However, a truckle is either a small, barrel-shaped cheese, especially cheddar; or - hilariously incongruously for a man who once left Vena the Raven-Haired to fight a band of goblins whilst escaping with the jewels - to "submit or behave obsequiously; as in 'she despised her husband, who truckled to her'".