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OTHER NAMES There are some who call me............Chris
LOCATION Eastbourne, East Sussex
AGE 39
INTERESTS History, travel, reading, photography
WEBSITE Border Regiment Forum
Border Regiment Wiki
Contact Information
TALK PAGE CelticWanderer

About me

I'll start be saying that I am totally new to Pratchett's work, although there is a sense of familiarity to Discworld as my girlfriend is a fan of his work, but I hope to continue reading when time allows so I can start contributing to this site when I feel confident enough. However, I am no stranger to the wiki environment.

I am the creator and administrator of my own wiki and have been for several years although I do have the help of a technical administrator who does all the really difficult stuff that I can't get to grips with. Other than that I have spent many hundreds, more like thousands, of hours writing articles, data-inputting and creating my own simple but effective templates to help with the overall quality and aesthetics of my site. I am a perfectionist and always strive to work on quality over quantity.

I consider myself a mediawiki veteran when it comes to writing and editing articles in the comfort of my own interests but a novice in the technical environment; I don't understand php and it is unlikely I ever will!!

I am English (British of joint nationality) and live and work in the UK.

Books read so far

I did say I was new to Pratchett's work and so have only read the first two books in the Discworld series but I hope to remedy this soon.


Here are the links to my subpages that contain the templates for my signature, a simple user-infobox (to the right) and the talkpage intro-box. If anyone would like to use them, please feel free to do so.

For the signature, copy and paste into your own subpage and change the syntax for your username (and maybe the colour scheme too so they don't all look the same!!). For the other two, again just copy and paste into your own user subpages or, if admin allows, create the appropriate templates so everyone can use them if they so wish.