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Hello! Welcome to my User Page.

My name is Robert, and I am from the U.K.. I first got in to Terry Pratchett's work when a schoolmate loaned me a copy of Going Postal. I then found a copy of The Colour of Magic in the school library and since then I have gone on to read pretty much every Discworld novel (weirdly except Moving Pictures which I never seem to get around to buying [and I don't know why not!]). I have read some of the companion books and a few of Terry's non-fiction collections too.

I have been reading and enjoying this wiki for several years, and was once a different user (with pretty much no contributions) who was accidentally purged in a cleanup of spambots. I finally got around to re-registering (and hopefully will actually contribute more this time!).

Outside of the wiki I am a keen reader of other fantasy works, enjoy PC gaming, take lots of pictures and work as an I.T. nerd.

Wanted Pages to Look in to

These are things on the list or that I have added that are redlinks - just a note to myself as things I might be able to create or find/correct/redirect the link:

Pages to Work on