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I'm TC01... (obviously)... I've used this as a username elsewhere and keep it the same on different sites, for the most part.

I've read almost all Discworld books, with several exceptions, including:

I have read exactly one of the non-Discworld books thus far, and that was The Dark Side of the Sun. It was pretty good, so hopefully I'll get to others in the future.

I spell, or rather type, like an American, which is almost certainly because I am one. The only possible exception to that might be when I type out The Colour of Magic, but I usually don't since I let the template do it for me.

I do most of my reading these days on an Amazon Kindle, which is not actually that different from reading a real book (other than the inability to open it up to a random page and start reading). There are a few Pratchett books which I have only on the Kindle- which makes it handy when searching them for some obscure red link on the book articles.