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Hi. Welcome and thanks for the interest, but I have to make a couple of points:

  • Try not to duplicate. The page Ramkin Residence existed already and so some of your additions to Sybil Ramkin are triplicated.
  • Use the preview (or compose in a separate text editor first), rather than filling a whole page in the history with one edit.
  • I had assumed that ACCOoDD preceded Thud! although both were 2005. Are you sure of your correction in Snuff?
  • I did enjoy "virtuosa" for its literary correctness and political incorrectness.

Please add whatever useful points you had to Ramkin Residence, but Ramkin House will have to be deleted. --Old Dickens (talk) 04:29, 30 January 2018 (UTC)

Thank you, Old Dickens. I will learn to avoid becoming historical. I do not see how to remove a page, but Ramkin House may be deleted. (Before adding the page, I did look for Ramkin House under the Locations page listed in the Navigation bar to the left, but didn't see it there. This is not the same page as your footer category link Locations, where it is clearly listed, and which I found much easier to use). Anyway, I have added a few points to Ramkin Residence, as you suggested. I edited the Snuff section on ACCOoDD, to clarify.