Veni Vidi Vici: A Soldier's Life

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Soldierly advice about the art of warfare contained within a book by the great general Callus Tacticus, whose very name has become synonymous across the Disc with the tactics employed by literate soldiery.

Nuggets of martial wisdom

  • If you want your men to become farmers, issue them spades.
  • It is always useful to face an enemy who is prepared to die for his country. This means that both you and hie have exactly the same aim in mind.
  • To ensure against defeat, when out-numbered, out-weaponed and out-positioned: Don't have a battle.
  • When confronted with an impregnable fortress, well-garrisoned and well-stocked with provisions - endeavour to be the man on the inside.
  • Power at a point! (echoes General Guderian's summation of the Blitzkrieg strategy: find the "schwerpunkt" of the enemy's line and hit him there with everything you have. Then just keep moving.)
  • Ab Hoc Possum Videre Domum Tuum (I Can See Your House From Up Here) - meant, in the opinion of 71-hour Ahmed, to be both a boast and a threat, but now just a line of ornmental masonry in what was Ankh-Morpork's Klatchian colony of Tacticum.