Vinny "No Ears" Ludd

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Alongside the more intellectually inclined sand bespectacled Harry "Can't Remember His Nickname" Jones,, Vinny "No Ears" Ludd is the other close bodyguard of Thieves' Guild leader Josiah Herbert Boggis. By inference, after the events of Thud!, he is also a Special Constable of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Samuel Vimes does not mind this as Ludd can be relied upon to bring a little more applied muscle to a Watch muster on those tricky occasions where applied violence is required to preserve City order. It is not known as to where and in what circumstances Ludd lost the use of his ears, although in fairly recent history many societies had recourse to the sanction of physically mutilating convicted Thieves with large sharp blades. Patrician Snapcase thought cutting off a thief's nose was fair and just punishment, after all. This possibly adds to the image Ludd carefully cultivates.