Violet Bottler

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Violet with the tools of the Kit Cox

Violet works in Ankh Morpork as a tooth fairy, and appears in Hogfather. Conscientious but not bright, she lives by herself in a small room in Shamlegger Street, when she's not making her rounds with a stepladder, bag of coins, and pliers.

Susan Sto Helit sometime saw her in Biers, where the undead drank, and recognized her when she came to collect a tooth from Twyla. Why would Violet be drinking in a pub where you could be asked, “Hey normo, what you looking at?” Perhaps as a Tooth Fairy representative she is in an in-between world, and cannot get service at less supernatural-friendly establishments, being invisible to ordinary mortals while on duty.

After Mr Teatime punched Banjo Lilywhite in the mouth, Banjo being a child at heart, a tooth becomes available for collection. Violet is followed after visiting Banjo, captured and taken by Teatime and his group to the domain of the Tooth Fairy, where they keep her tied up. Quite what Teatime had in mind for her is not clear, but for Susan, once she finds out what Violet’s full name was, Violet becomes a kind of homing beacon. “If I want to, I can find anybody. It’s a family trait.”

On meeting Bilious the drinker-phobic oh god of hangovers, eyes meeting across a crowded room as it were, Violet says that as a young member of Offler’s League of Temperance she had a blue ribbon. She seems to imply that this is still in force, which might not be 100% true. For that matter, the oh god starts revising upward his account of the kind of godding he does, particularly after rather disdainful comments from Violet about his standing in for the God of Hangovers. They are last seen in the domain of the Tooth Fairy, where they have agreed to help Banjo, now in charge.