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|next=[[TV and Film:Soul Music|Soul Music]]

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Welcome to the Discworld
Title Cover
ASIN [1]
IMDB 0313773
First Broadcast 1996
Broadcast Channel
Writer(s) {{{writer}}}
Starring Christopher Lee
Duration 8 minutes
Episodes 1
Series Death Series
Annotations Annotations for Welcome to the Discworld
Preceded by Johnny and the Dead
Followed by Soul Music
All data relates to the UK home release.

Welcome to the Discworld (also known as Terry Pratchett's Discworld) is a short animation, produced for television by Cosgrove Hall in 1996. It is an adaptation of a fragment of Reaper Man, featuring the voice of Christopher Lee as Death.

A mere 8 minutes in length, it was the first screen adaptation of a Discworld novel. It was later followed by two animated mini-series, then eventually multiple live-action specials. It was released as a special feature on the Soul Music DVD.

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