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[[category:TV and Film|Welcome to the Discworld]]
[[Category:TV and Film|Welcome to the Discworld]]

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Welcome to the Discworld
Title Cover
ASIN [1]
IMDB 0313773
First Broadcast 1996
Broadcast Channel
Writer(s) {{{writer}}}
Starring Christopher Lee
Duration 8 minutes
Episodes 1
Series Death Series
Annotations Annotations for Welcome to the Discworld
Preceded by '
Followed by Soul Music
All data relates to the UK home release.

Welcome to the Discworld (also known as Terry Pratchett's Discworld) is a short animation, produced for television by Cosgrove Hall in 1996. It is an adaptation of a fragment of Reaper Man, featuring the voice of Christopher Lee as Death.

A mere 8 minutes in length, it was the first screen adaptation of a Discworld novel. It was later followed by two animated mini-series, then eventually multiple live-action specials. It was released as a special feature on the Soul Music DVD.

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