Wharfinger Street

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Wharfinger Street continues from Misbegot Bridge to a T-junction with Myrtle Street, which continues Hubwards to a junction with Nonesuch Street and the hubwards-by-widdershins corner of Hide Park where it meets Park Lane. Local businesses may have to do with a service industry for the docks and shipping, e.g. chandlers.

According to Wikipedia,a Wharfinger is a term for a person who is the keeper or owner of a wharf. The wharfinger takes custody of and is responsible for goods delivered to the wharf, typically has an office on the wharf or dock, and is responsible for day-to-day activities including slipways, keeping tide tables and resolving disputes. It is an archaic word which has largely been superseded by the more modern harbourmaster, although a Harbourmaster would be the most senior authority for a whole port; a wharfinger in the old, pre-1800 usage, would only have been overseer to an individual jetty, wharf, or small dock.