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Consisting of a pack of interleaved sheets of tissue-thin paper, each gummed along one edge, allowing the nicotine addict to very carefully load with tobaco, rolling the paper around it so that the gummed edge may be dampened and sealed. This makes the sort of cigarette that Albert creates as an incredibly narrow cylinder that still manages to get un-usably soggy at one end. Most wizards and other habitual users swear by them, usually while picking strands of soggy tobacco out of their teeth and beards. Whizzlas explain why most wizards inevitably carry a bag full of part-used dog-ends with them, to be dismantled and recycled as cigarettes which are fresh in name only. Mustrum Ridcully keeps a stash in various places around his rooms, all of which are known to Mrs Whitlow, who periodically tidies them out of sight so as to make a point.

It is vitally important not to allow your Whizzlas to get damp, or all you end up with is a long sorry concertina of cigarette papers which have glued to each other.

The name parodies Roundworld British Rizla rolling papers[1].

The character of Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix surely belongs on the Discworld, and he may well end up there, owing to the phenomemon of fan-fiction.