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A demon who was hiding behind the door when the vowels were handed out.

Summoned to the dread place which is Nanny Ogg's wash-house by the Lancre Witches, who needed to know what was happening in the kingdom. The demon pledged to answer the statutory three-question interrogation.

"Is there something new in the kingdom?"

"New? No."

"Is there something that wasn't there before?"

"No. Last question."

Granny paused; she needed one question that would encompass the answer with no room for leeway.

"Tell us what's going on, or we'll boil you!" She said.

This proved successful, and the demon volunteered the information that the Kingdom itself was unhappy with it’s current ruler, a man who hated it.

As this was Nanny Ogg's summoning, the demon took an unmistakeably male form. Questioned by Granny Weatherwax. Banished by Magrat. Somewhat dismissively - "Oh yes, run along". This displeased Mr WxrtHltl-jwlpklz (who had smugly claimed his name was unpronounceable by a human tongue, but Granny managed it), as he felt it somewhat lacking. Once he had been threatened and abjured he sank slowly into the depths of the cauldron more happily.