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A tavern in Gleam Street, run by Mr. Cheese, The Bucket is unofficially a policemen's pub, because the owner and the clients suit each other very well. Nobody else wants to drink in The Bucket, so Ankh-Morpork Watchmen can drink there without seeing a bar fight where they might have to interfere. Ankh-Morpork Watchmen are silent and serious drinkers, but when they do talk, Mr. Cheese listens sympathetically. Mr. Cheese seldom gives his opinion or even a laugh, but sometimes he does smile because he finds descriptions of some homicide cases entertaining. Also, Watchmen all pay their tabs up on time, or else are given a lecture by Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson.

The yard of the bucket has several sheds which are rented out to small businesses. The Ankh-Morpork Times began in one such, and Mr Cheese may still be its landlord.

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