Imp y Celyn

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Imp Y Celyn by Kit Cox
Name Imp y Celyn (Buddy)
Race Human, not elvish at all
Age Born 1969 UC. 18 in Soul Music
Occupation Musician
Physical appearance
Residence Llamedos and Ankh-Morpork
Death unproven
Marital Status Single
Books Soul Music

The lead guitarist and singer of The Band With Rocks In. He hails from Llamedos where his family are druids. After a terrible falling out with his father he decides to give his life to music. Like most, he ends up in Ankh-Morpork where he meets Glod Glodsson and Lias Bluestone and starts The Band with them (for a short while they are also joined by The Librarian.) Here he also takes the stage name of Buddy. In the Roundworld language closest to Llamedosian, Imp y Celyn means "bud of the holly"; you'd never get anywhere in the music business with a name like that. Glod has a suspicion that Imp is "elvish" (Elvis).The band tours the countryside and plays a huge free concert before dying in a horrible crash, or maybe not.


Llamedos is known for its dripping evergreen woods. Imp y Celyn hailed from a shack of mud and wood. Much like the Roundworld Johnny B. Goode; who never ever learned to read or write so well, but he could play the guitar just like ringin a bell.

Also, his name translated into English ("bud of the holly") is a clear reference to Buddy Holly, legendary rock and roll pioneer who also enjoyed success only briefly before dying in an airplane crash.

A signed copy of Soul Music seen by one contributor was signed "Not fade away, Terry Pratchett". Not Fade Away is the title of one Buddy Holly's songs.