Lacrimosa de Magpyr

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Lacrimosa de Magpyr is a character from Carpe Jugulum introduced by rolling a rock onto pictsies. Physically she is resembles a normal teenager, though being a vampire she is two hundred years old. Lacrimosa has a spiteful, sadistic and malevolent personalty, and has none of the redeeming features of the other vampires in her immediate family. Activities which she shows interest in are torture, murder, control and feeding on humans. Lacrimosa has no scruples in acting to her vampire instincts to the fullest and in revealing these to others, vampires and humans alike.

Agnes Nitt longs to stick a pin in her.

She is well named, however: 'lachrymose' means 'causing or tending to cause tears'. Which she does. A perfect name for a vampire, then. She is related to Count de Magpyr, Vlad de Magpyr and - ancestrally - Count Bela de Magpyr.

Lacrimosa acts as an obvious teenager with traits such as surliness, rebelliousness and being argumentative. She argues with her parents and brother throughout the book and is casually cruel to everyone, showing a greater appetite for violence than her fellow vampires.

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