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A type of guard dog bred in Lipwig. Highly prized as guard dogs, they are trained to obey words of command. A lucrative export for Lipwig, only males are exported and breeding females must remain in the country.

As Moist von Lipwig discovered, they look a lot like the Rottweiler/Doberman/Lipwigzer/alligator cross-breed dogs that Harry King uses to guard his property. They are not the same however, a crucial difference if you have just got down among them confident that these savage city dogs will also know and respond to the command words of the Lipwigzers.


If, as some have suggested, that Lip-wig implies a moustache, then a particular type of moustache - the walrus moustache as sported by eg T. Roosevelt - translates into German as Schnauzer, which is a breed of round world dog.

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