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Name Beryl
Race Troll
Occupation Nagging
Physical appearance Described only as "huge"
Residence Sour Water
Relatives Mica (husband)

Chert and Clay, among others (brothers) Pyrites, uncle

Children Skree, among others
Marital Status Married to Mica
Books The Light Fantastic

Troll Bridge


A troll mentioned in The Light Fantastic, as well as Troll Bridge. She is rather unhappily married to Mica, and has multiple brothers, including Clay and Chert. Her eldest son is Scree, who is her only named child, although in Troll Bridge she is carrying two babies with a tail of other children behind her.

She has another unnamed brother who also owns a bridge, like her husband. This brother, however, employs a dwarf to collect a toll on his bridge rather than living under it. He has been confused with her relative Pyrites who has the same occupation - however, Pyrites is her uncle.


Her name mirrors Roundworld's beryl, a silicate mineral.