Bestiality Carter

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Bestiality Carter
Name Bestiality Carter
Race Human
Occupation Baker
Physical appearance
Residence Lancre
Marital Status
Books Lords and Ladies
Cameos Maskerade, Carpe Jugulum

Bestiality Carter is one of the Lancre Morris Men mentioned in Lords and Ladies. As with many Lancrastians, his last name does not fit his profession, as he is a baker. His parents understood that girls should be named after virtues. Thus, his sisters (in order of birth, according to Lords and Ladies) are:

However, they got a bit mixed up, and assumed that boys should be named after vices/deadly sins. Thus, his brothers are:

  • Anger Carter
  • Jealousy Carter
  • Covetousness Carter
  • Deviousness Carter (mentioned in Maskerade)

The youngest appears to be named as a statement rather than a sin; Catastrophe Carter (mentioned in The Truth)

Ironically, all the Carters display traits opposite to their names: Bestiality's sisters have vices that are the opposite of their names, while his brothers have virtues that are the opposite of their names. For instance, Bestiality is kind to animals.

In The Folklore of Discworld, we learn that this naming convention goes back through several generations to a patriarch called Miscegenation Carter, whose name would have been considered to be more of a social taboo in earlier times than it might be today, when the practice it describes does not carry the opprobrium it did then.

Bestiality himself helped defeat the elves during the events of Lords and Ladies by helping the other Morris Men perform one of the most dangerous of battle Morrises they know, which leaves a trail of mortally wounded elves stricken about the hills of Lancre.