Book of Nome

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The Book of Nome is the bible of the religion of Arnold Bros (est. 1905). It was kept and written by the Stationeri, the priestly department of the nome culture. The Book is written in archaic English reminiscent of the King James Bible and has 'books' named after the departments and offices of the Arnold Bros store, so for example the Book of Lamentations is called Complaints. The earliest books, e.g. Foundations (equivalent to Genesis) are already old at the time of the Bromeliad storyline, however others describe the events of the trilogy, so either the nomes had some amazing prophets, or the book is still being written by its keepers.

Quotes from the Book of Nome were used at the begining of each chapter in both Truckers and Diggers

Angalo de Haberdasheri hopes that his Encyclopedia will replace the Book, and this is hinted to be happening in the final Bromeliad novel, Wings, which begins chapters with quotes from the Encyclopedia rather than The Book.