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A demagogue of the cult of Star People. Dahoney was a typical leader of a cult of the Star People, and he gave a talk that was unfortunately attended by Rincewind, Twoflower, and Bethan on how the Red Star has directed the purification of the Disc through things such as killing of all Wizards, members of races like the Dwarfs, and the burning of all books of magic. For a longer summary of the Star People's beliefs, see their article. As Death described it, what the Star People are doing is "death of the mind"- something that even he does not understand.

A follower of his cult recognized Rincewind as a wizard, and assumed that, since the magic of wizards had faded, Rincewind would be unable to magic him out of existence. (It wouldn't have mattered anyway, since Rincewind is a totally inept wizard). Unfortunately, the Great Spell of the Octavo residing in his head still had access to enough magic to take over Rincewind's arm and mouth, and kill the cultist.