Dorcas del Icatessen

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An middle aged (6 yr) nome in the Bromeliad series, Dorcas (male, despite the female name) is unlike most of the Del Icatessen department in that he is not interested in food supply or departmental politics. He is an inventor. He is the closest thing the store has to a scientist, he constantly speculates about life outside the store and about how to do things more efficiently. the Stationeri tolerate his somewhat heretical attitude because he seems harmless and occasionally useful. His normal atire is a drab apron with bulging pockets over his somwhat stocky frame.

During the course of the series he makes many helpful contributions, devising the method of driving the truck on the Long Drive, finding out how to immobilise unwelcome vehicles and cut telephone wires and learning to drive the monster Jekub. He is not a very good leader, however, as he is not good at getting people to listen to him.