Enrico Basilica

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Enrico Basilica
Name Henry Slugg/ Enrico Basilica
Race Human
Occupation Opera singer (tenor)
Physical appearance Well-built. Has a friendly, bearded, small face and a squeaky speaking voice.
Residence Ankh-Morpork(by birth), Brindisi (by repute)
Children Henry Lawsy
Marital Status Now (presumably) married to Mrs Lawsy.
Books Maskerade

Senor Enrico Basilica started off life as plain old Henry Slugg in Ankh-Morpork, but soon realised that he wouldn't get far in his chosen life of Opera-singing with a name like that. A shame, because he had a magnificent talent. He went off to Brindisi, learnt the language, changed his name to Enrico (a fair exchange for Henry) Basilica, and began touring the truly grand Opera Houses of the Disc.

He is an enormous man whose greatest wish in life is that he wouldn't be given Brindisian dishes everywhere at banquets in his honour as pasta doesn't do it for him. What he truly desires is good old Ankh-Morporkian food such as Slumpie and Distressed Pudding.

He has a run-in with the Witches Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax during the events of Maskerade, during which he is finally fed real food, and reunites with his old love, Mrs Lawsy. It wouldn't happen in real life, but this is opera!


His physical description - and that of his tenor voice - seems to match that of Luciano Pavarotti.