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In Making Money, we learn that the otherwise-undescribed Mrs Harms-Beetle lives in Welcome Soap and is the best friend of Mrs Evadne Cake, who sometimes stays over.

Her role in the scheme of things is that she indirectly facilitates an assassination attempt. It is interesting and educative to know that even the coolest and most professional Assassin will shrink from committing an inhumation on one of Mrs Cake's lodgers, until he is absolutely assured that she won't be in the house when he makes the attempt... knowing she is visiting Mrs Harms-Beetle, he considers this is the green light to go ahead.


Mrs Harms-Beetle sounds like the sort of name the Monty Python people would give to their "Pepperpot Women", those shapeless blobby vaguely female counterparts that most of them became (with the disconcerting exception of Eric Idle) when they dragged up. Taking the form of screechingly ignorant slatterns placed in ever more surrealistic situations, they were given ludicrous names like "Mrs Premise", "Mrs Conclusion", "Mrs Scum", etc.