Jago Jalo

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Jago Jalo
Name Jago Jalo
Race Human
Age At least 1,100
Occupation Terminus Probe pilot
Physical appearance
Death Possibly killed by crashing into the disc
Marital Status
Books Strata

Jago was on the Terminus Probe. He wakes up after an 1,100 year voyage to find himself nowhere near his intended destination, but right next to a disc world. After a spot of impromptu breaking and entering using his ships laser he gains entry to the disc and eventually persuades the disc's rulers to build him a ship to return to Earth.

Once there he hires Kin Arad, Marco Farfarer and Silver to return with him and study the disc, using respectively as bait an invisibility cloak, a bottomless purse, and a scientists curiosity. They learn just in time however that he intends raiding the disc for its technological secrets and one unpleasant heart attack later our heroes have acquired his ship while Jago gets to recuperate in a medical unit.

We never get to learn his final fate. When the main ship gets hit by a planet (read the book!) his unit gets transferred to the escape capsule. After that gets hit, Kin Arad and company escape in space suits, leaving him behind. You can only assume that Jago makes his final exit when the the escape capsule later crashes.