Lancre Town

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Lancre Town lies near the Lancre Bridge over the Lancre River, beneath Lancre Castle; it is the principal town of the Kingdom of Lancre. Lancrastians can't be having with learning a whole lot of different wossnames. The Castle is home to King Verence and family; the Town is ruled by that Queen among Witches, Gytha Ogg and populated by scores of her descendants. Nanny Ogg's house is not your typical witch's cottage; it's a modern bungalow, cheerfully, if not tastefully, decorated. It is surrounded by about two dozen houses of mixed affluence, mingled with the shops of the usual trades (notably Jason Ogg's forge) and the Goat and Bush Tavern. Poorchick's, a produce factor and food processor, is probably the town's biggest business. Up a small path from the town are the Dancers, eight stones made of thunderbolt iron, in a rough circle. They mark an entrance to the realm of the Queen of the Elves, which needs watching by the local witches.(1)

Lancre is the kind of town where everybody knows your name, and her name, and where you were until all hours last night...A secret will last more than a few minutes if everyone's asleep, and a good mob can be convened in minutes, complete with torches and menacing farm implements. With catering. And an open bar. If no such entertainment is provided, there's a pint and a singalong at the Goat & Bush, tobacco and low humor around Jason's forge, or a meeting of the Lancre Morris Men to work on some steps and a jug of Scumble.

To learn more about this quaint Ramtops hideaway, consult A Tourist Guide to Lancre, or books in the Witches Series.

(1)"Which witch watches what" is hard to say.