Marjorie Daw

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Marjorie Daw is the chief librarian for Four Farthings borough council in England, Roundworld. She has been privileged with several glimpses into the reality of L-Space and has seen the Librarian of Unseen University twice, an experience given to no other mundane library assistant. In appearance she is a dapper, youngish woman, who favours sensible clothes and expensive shoes with very pointy heels.

Thrown into the Discworld by one of those magical accidents involving Ponder Stibbons and a malfunctioning Great Big Thing, she makes the best of her stay, and pleads on behalf of the Roundworld and its people at a most singular court hearing in front of the Patrician. She also assists in thwarting an assassination attempt on Vetinari and as an encore saves the Roundworld from destruction at the hands of some extremist Omnians.

Interestingly, an incidental character of similar personality in The Long Earth is an English librarian called Hermione Dawes.


See Saw Margery Daw is a traditional children's playground song.

Marjorie Daw (real name Margaret House) was a Roundworld actress in the silent movie era.