Oi Dong

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The monastery of Oi Dong is situated in the airiest of valleys up in the Ramtops. It is the home of the History Monks, more properly the Fighting Monks of the Order of Wen. Created by Wen the Eternally Surprised, it is a beautiful place, with cherry blossoms that are always in bloom and ice floating on the streams all the time (although Lobsang Ludd's final gift on graduating is to move time forward from Eternal Spring to Eternal Summer, and to turn the bloom into fruit. This is possibly highly symbolic of something or other.) The grounds include classrooms for the various lectures, a number of dojos for physical training, Qu's area for technological experiments (using the power of time to blow things up), Lu-Tze's Garden of Five Surprises, the Garden of the Four Elements, the Abbot's quarters, the Mandala hall, and the hall for the Procrastinators.