Orac Oracsson

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Mentioned in A Tourist Guide to Lancre, Orac Oracsson outfitters of Ohulan Cutash make coats of the finest waterproofing quality. Eric Wheelbrace swears by them. Well, swore - he's presumed to be off with the fairies... and may the gods help him!


Having a coat from Oracsson would mean having "An Oracsson"; phonetically, "Anorak".

Anorak has two meanings in contemporary English: the warm heavy jacket with a hood that Eric would appreciate; and a term of abuse for boring people, such as trainspotters, who wear them - at least in the mindset of the abusive.

In the Indonesian language, the word 'norak' means someone who is uncouth, gaudy, socially awkward - on par with being a 'hillbilly' in the United States. Assumedly a large number of 'norak' people can be found easily around Oracsson at Market Day.