Sham Harga

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The very large, greasy and unhygienic owner of Harga's House of Ribs eatery in Ankh-Morpork. Sam Vimes ate there for years, and in all that time never saw a clean glass, even though Sham was perpetually wiping one with his greasy cloth.

The fat in the chip pan hadn't been changed for years until there was the possibility that a king might have returned. This was the same time that his "love-in-a-canoe" coffee was created.

Sham was also, likely at the instigation of one CMOT Dibbler, an early pioneer in movie product placement and superliminal messages (if 1 second worked imagine what 5 minutes would do).


In The Fifth Elephant a dwarf speaks. One of the dwarvish words is Harga and the full translation has something to do with food. This may be a coincidence.