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Name Spruce
Race Human
Occupation Nurse
Physical appearance
Residence The Chalk
Marital Status
Books I Shall Wear Midnight

Spruce was the nurse who supposedly attended on the Baron of The Chalk in his last months. Possibly appointed by the Aunts to speed or at least not unduly delay his demise, this is the sort of nurse who will not sully her pristine starched white uniform with anything as menial as blood or other bodily excretion. She is the sort of woman who will spend time on her knees in prayer but not to change a bandage or scrub a floor.

In the confusion following the Baron's death, she manages to leave his employment with 5,000 dollars' worth of gold, whilst blaming the theft on Tiffany Aching. As The Cunning Man is abroad, this is exactly what people want to hear about a witch, and the new Baron and Lady Keepsake are happy to oblige. Besides, Tiffany threw her out of a sickchamber with a living Baron in it, and she returned to discover a dead Baron who had been alone in a room with a witch... putting the very worst spin on this to people predisposed to listen, she stole the gold coins the old Baron had given to Tiffany (while accusing her of their theft) and escaped in the confusion.

She was later arrested by the new Baron's agents, having spent some of the money. The book is silent as to her fate.