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Welcome to CelticWanderer/talk-template's talk page.
Please be aware of the following....
  • Generally, this page is not designed to be a form, however, general concerns, constructive comments and/or suggestions are always welcome.
  • Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ~~~~
  • Indent your posts with a colon : if you are replying to an existing topic (or :: if replying to a reply).
Please be....
  • Welcoming and polite.
  • Constructive.
  • Neutral and open to other's comments.
  • Respective of other's opinions, interpretations or expressions.
Please do not...
  • Write anything obscene, abusive, racist or sexist.
  • Write suggestive remarks construed as offensive or derogatory.
  • Write anything designed to be negative and disruptive.
thank you