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I am Manwe, you might recognise my name from a mythology Terry loves to satirise, the world of Tolkien. I came here by way of finally deciding after years of lurking to register to try to dispose of a page of spam I found while randomly jumping to pages. That was as my alter ego Aldibibable who accidentally got smitten during a spammer purge. Fate has a sense of humour apparently. So do I, and AgProv's attempt to hunt me down via other wikis and explain and apologise for the erroneous thunderbolt from the heavens made me smile, and made me think that actually this is a site I might really like to get involved with.

I am primarily a Discworld fan, having read pretty much the whole series but little in the way of the other Terry Pratchett books (something I aim to fix), as you might imagine I also like the works of Tolkien, Rowling, Paolini and several others who are commonly referred to in the Discworld books.
==Back to Reality==
Offline (barely) I am 25, male, from the U.K. and I work as a computer technician (some of the computers I see definitely need an 'anthill inside' sticker).
==Obligatory List of Stuff==
Favourite character: [[Sam Vimes]]<br />
Character my friends have told me I most resemble: [[Lord Vetinari]] (really guys?)<br />
Favourite book: A tie between [[Book:Going Postal]] and [[Book:Snuff]]<br />

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