Wienrich and Boettcher

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Wienrich and Boettcher
Name Wienrich and Boettcher
Location Zephire Street
Owner Wienrich and Boettcher
Use Chocolate shop
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Founded by
Books Thief of Time
Reaper Man

An exclusive haven, situated on Zephire Street, for chocolate lovers. But you had better be prepared to mortgage something dear to you, such as a surplus grandparent, just to be able to afford the merest taste. (A small selection of merchandise is displayed in the window and if you have to ask the price you can not afford it.) Note the extra drainage just outside the window. This is to accommodate the otherwise unsightly puddles of drool.

Although it is not named in Reaper Man, this seems to be the shop where Death bought Dark Enchantments for Miss Flitworth. His granddaughter Susan Sto Helit is a fan of their chocolates as well (except, of course, for the nougat).

Their chocolates also played their part in defeating the Auditors in Thief of Time