Aknon Smyth

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Aknon Smyth is a long-standing member of the team squad for the Dimmers and indispensable on the playing field. The problem for referees and opponents is that he belongs to a strict old-time religion which demands he drops to his knees and prays every fifteen minutes. This will happen approximately six times during a ninety-minute match, if he times it right. As often as not, he will drop to his knees in prayer in front of the opposing player with the ball, thus impeding and preferably tripping him. The referee is bound by the rule to suspend play during prayer, after which Aknon will spring to his feet and head off in some unpredictable direction. The Ankh-Morpork Football Association is wrestling with this conundrum.

Mr Smyth seems to have been discovered by reporters for the Discworld Emporium; we find no mention of him in the canon but he does appear on a foot-the-ball card.