Alison Weatherwax

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Alison Weatherwax
Name Alison Weatherwax
Race Human
Age If she was still alive she would be 125
Occupation Witch
Physical appearance Very like her granddaughter Esmerelda
Residence Lancre, originally
Death Not recorded
Relatives Lily, Esmerelda, Galder
Children Violet
Marital Status Married?
Books Carpe Jugulum

Grandmother of Esmerelda and Lily, mother of Violet. A notable Witch of Lancre, much travelled later in her life, she was estranged from her family and Lancre for reasons unknown before Esmerelda knew her. It is recorded that she put down the infamous Vampire, Count de Magpyr, for a very long nap in the Escrow area of Überwald over fifty years ago. The family resemblance was so strong that when the Count was revived he initially thought Esmerelda was her grandmother. Rumors have been spread, whether out of malice or poor reading comprehension, that she is the same character as Aliss Demurrage. This is obvious nonsense.

Alison Weatherwax was born in Lancre more than 125 years ago. Her death has not been recorded, but is widely believed to have taken place.


Alison may have been named after the famous 16th-century witch, Alison Device.