All Jolson

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All Jolson
File:All jolson.jpg
All Jolson, as drawn by Matt Smith
Name All Jolson
Race Human from Howandaland
Age middle-aged
Occupation chef / restaurateur
Physical appearance immensely fat
Residence Ankh-Morpork
Children Precious Jolson
Marital Status
Books The Fifth Elephant
Cameos Raising Steam

All Jolson is Ankh-Morpork's finest chef and its keenest eater - a combination made in mashed potato heaven. He got his nickname from the fact that no-one, seeing him for the first time, could believe it was All Jolson. He's the only man who shows up on an atlas and can affect the movements of small planets. He runs his restaurant on Broad Way.

He appears to be a good friend of Fred Colon (probably due to his prolific skills in the kitchen) and his ice cream in particular helped him out of a spot of trouble with over-zealous cart-clamping.

In Thud!, Fred Colon mentions a Precious Jolson with 'muscles on her like a troll'. In Snuff, it is confirmed that she is his daughter and that All is a Howondalandian immigrant to the big city.


Comedy echo of Roundworld's Al Jolson, the US vaudeville performer who was voted the finest entertainer in the world in 1948, famous for his use of black make-up.