Amanita Liquor

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One of those ludicrously sticky and sweet liquors that exist on top shelves in every bar and which every bartender knows full well no-one will ever drink. Death may have had one when he tried to drink everything to dissipate his sorrows in Mort.

One of Sally von Humpeding's long list of middle names is Amanita. Does this give a clue as to an Überwaldian origin for this drink?

In Lords and Ladies, one of the young would-be witches in the coven run by Lucy Tockley calls herself Amanita DeVice, much as Lucy prefers being called Diamanda. There does seem to be a sinister cachet to the name.


On Roundworld, Amanita is a genus of mushrooms responsible for 95% of deaths from mushroom poisoning. There are a few edible species, some common as food where they are native, but in general it's best not to eat any member of the genus.