Amber Petty

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Amber Petty
Name Amber
Race Human
Age 14
Physical appearance
Residence Petty residence, The Chalk
Parents Seth Petty
Molly Petty
Marital Status Married to William
Books I Shall Wear Midnight

Amber is a thirteen year old girl when first encountered. Tragically, this debut sees her the victim of a brutal physical assault by her own, drunken father - it has not only left her unconscious, but she has also miscarried her unborn child.

Tiffany Aching takes charge, saving her drunken brute of a father from a lynch mob. Tiffany then organises round-the-clock nursing care of a unique sort - Amber is adopted by the Nac Mac Feegles, where the Kelda, Jeannie, performs the deep rite of the Soothings to restore her body and soul. The dead baby is buried alongside Mrs Snapperly, in the place of remembrance Tiffany has established near the village.

It soon becomes noticeable that the neglected child, thought simple by the rest of the village, is in her own way a born witch, whose specialised talent goes further and deeper than Tiffany's. She is revealed to be a master of languages - she commands chickens around a yard, but more importantly picks up the Pictsie tongue (Amber even understands some of the Soothings).

Tiffany arranges for the new Baron to provide Amber a dowry, allowing her tailor boyfriend William to buy his indenture to a master craftsman. One year later (aged fourteen) Amber has married William, and is training under the Kelda.