Ambiguous Puzuma

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This leopard-sized big cat is the fastest animal on the Disc : it achieves near light-speed, given the low speed of light. This means that it cannot be proven to exist at any given time. Quantum anxiety, therefore, is a leading cause of mortality, along with ankle injuries from chasing females who aren't there.

While it can never be seen, due to its extreme velocity, remains are found, occasionally, on the sides of cliffs and large rocks. These show a black-and-white checked coat and a thin, flat shape.

Mentioned in Small Gods as one of the animals pictured in a book that Brutha memorizes in the Library of Ephebe to preserve it when Vorbis burns down said library. Brutha describes the animal from the picture as four-legged with a head similar to a cat, broad sholders with a body tapered towards the hind quarters, dark and light chequed pattern on the body, small ears flat to the head, six whiskers, and a stubby tail.