Amschat B'hal Zoon

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Amschat by Kit Cox (who is 17 foot tall)
Name Amschat B'hal Zoon
Race Human
Occupation Liar
Physical appearance Dark, bearded, gold teeth
Residence The Ankh
Children three
Marital Status Married (three times)
Books Equal Rites

Amschat B'hal Zoon was the elected Liar of the Zoons, a race of gypsy-like bargemen, at the time of the events of Equal Rites. The whole race is unable to tell lies, but anyone who can attempt to tell a proto-lie, such as "actually, my grandfather was quite tall," is encouraged to develop their skill, and might eventually become the official Tribal Liar for all the Zoons, responsible for all negotiations with other races. Said other races are offended by this and think they should have picked a more acceptable term, like "diplomat" or "politician". The Zoons reply that this is exactly their point.

Amschat had golden teeth and a black beard, and although he threatened to throw Esk to "the pike" when he found her stowing away on his barge, he was far too kind a man to follow through on such a promise. It should be noted that much of this account comes from Amschat himself, and he is a renowned Liar.