Apsly's Commercial Bank

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A financial institution based in Sto Lat. It values clerks trained by Mavolio Bent very highly indeed. A Bent-trained person is now its Commercial Manager.

Again, this is an example of Ankh-Morpork being the "gold standard" by which the other cities measure themselves: just as Samuel Vimes' teaching methods ensure that "Sammies" are sought after commodities everywhere there is a Watch (thus ensuring that a large proportion of law enforcement officers in many cities have been taught to salute Sam Vimes and his officers), the banking system across the Sto plains is also conditioned to regard Ankh's principal bank, its senior staff, and working practices, as the industry norm - thus ensuring that Ankh-Morpork's financial economy is regarded as the dominant force.

Apsly's Bank is mentioned in Making Money