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A word with many meanings in the cultures of the Discworld.

In Betrobi it means "Highly enjoyable!"

In Howondaland Arghh! translates variously as "Your wife is a big hippo!" "I would like to eat your foot!" and "Hello, Thinks Mr Purple Cat!"

In a curiously unnamed as yet Howondish tribe Arghh! is rumored to translate as "Quick! Extra boiling oil!" Apparently, the Emperor of the Agatean Empire has heard this translation, as when a staff member of his uttered "Arghh!" upon being sentenced to horrible death, the Emperor commented, "Yes indeed. Lots of... boiling oil."

In Old Ankhian it means "I say, old chap, you seem to have thrust a sword {spear, pointy stick, etc.} into my bowels. Bad show!"

In street-Morporkian it has acquired the meaning, "Hey! What are you doing! That HURTS! Sod Y...."

See footnote in Interesting Times.