Arte Sadhim

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Arte Sadhim is a legendary ruler and mythical person in the novel The Dark Side of the Sun.

He declared himself Lord of Earth and ruled in the years 2001-2012 and founded sadhimism, a pantheistic/conservation religion. It is believed to be composed of beliefs from druidism, witchcraft, voodoo and the Survival Handbook for Spaceship Earth.

He was eventually ritually murdered by a breakaway sect, the Little Flowers of the Left-Hand Path on the Eve of Good Friday (Night of the Long Athames).

Dates are known under AS (After Sadhim) or BS (Before Sadhim). Commandment One of Sadhimism is "You will not waste". The religion is separented into various groups or "klatches" with adept followers learning various rituals and skills such as cooling the emotions.