Beginning Pins

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A magazine available from Dave's Pin Exchange.

This is a part-work that promises a new pin every month. However, experience would suggest that anyone beginning to buy a part-work, in the post-festivities optimism of January and a new year full of potential, might

i) get bored with it by July and start skipping copies;

ii) discover that the promised model of the Titanic, that comes with four or five parts every month together with a magazine padded out with irrelevant trivia and ephemera, will only ever be half-built, as the publisher discontinues further copies round about Part Thirty because of lack of interest. The hapless buyer then realises they have spent the best part of £250 on a model that will never, ever, be finished. They might just as well have bought an Airfix kit for a tenner, as at least all the parts will be in the box right at the start...

With the new craze for stamps having caught the imagination of obsessive collectors, what's the betting that Beginning Pins will collapse, leaving the hapless buyer with half a pincushion and only a handful of pins to stick in it...