Beryl Ormerod

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A respectable widow from Belsize Park with a jaw like a brick, who patronises the mediumistic services of Madame Tracy in order to pass messages to the afterlife. This is an important distinction. She is not so much interested in hearing messages from her deceased husband Ron, as keeping him in touch with every last little detail about what is currently going on in her life, in the life of our Eric, our Karen, our Stan and Sandra, you know, the twins, and Eric's oldest Sybilla, and Karen's girl Letitia, the one who's become a lesbian and who is doing a dissertation on the films of Sergio Leone as seen from a feminist perspective, and our Cindi, who's going out with a jobbing builder which is really useful as he can see to our guttering, and so on and so forth.

This is the best sort of client from Tracy's perspective, as she need only give a vague hint that Ron is in the room and needs do no more for most of the allocated séance time... Madame Tracy draws back the veil for Beryl and other hopeful souls in Good Omens.