The Boke of the Filme

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Mentioned in Moving Pictures, this isn't a novelization of a specific film. Rather, this is the book of the film: it's all about how Oswald protects Holy Wood. Priests have passed on the knowledge of the telling of the hours (including announcing the Matinee, Evening and Late-Nite Performances), each investing a new one until Deccan Ribobe, who couldn't and therefore didn't and therefore unleashed the power of dreams. Which is pretty much a highway to the Dungeon Dimensions.

Deccan copied the contents of the 'Chroncal of the Keeprs of the ParaMountain' into a new book as the old one was falling apart, then continued to use the book as his journal. These later pages do not make for thrilling reading, unless you were desperate to know how many times he went to the lavatory.

The Boke of the Filme was later pried from Deccan's dead hands by Victor Tugelbend, who attempted to translate it to figure out what was happening to Holy Wood. This proved difficult, as the earlier pages of the book were in Hieroglyphics. He interpreted the book as saying that Oswald was a prisoner, so repeatedly stopped Ginger trying to let it out. Eventually he got the book to the Librarian of Unseen University, and was proven entirely wrong: Oswald was a guardian. Once he was awakened, the Holy Wood magic was back under control.